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Software Testing


This blog offers a peek as to what is software testing and the level of significance it has gained till now. Software testing is the means by which a software product or application is being tested for it's functionality. This testing method is being used wildly in many institutions as of now. Software testing makes use of certain tools through which the verification of the application is carried out. The benefits of software testing is shared further in this blog. It includes two types of testing techniques manual and automation. In manual testing a human has to put manual efforts whereas in automation testing it uses script so that the process is completely automated. Let us look into more details of software testing and how it works and what is its relevance.


Software testing is the activity which is used for the validation and evaluation of desired software application or product. The procedure is taken up to check whether the product that is developed is working according to the requirements mentioned in the document which is given by the client. For example if a person wants to develop an application he/she will approach the company with certain requirements in hand. The business analyst understands the clients needs and takes the document and passes it on to the developers, who write code for each and every functionality mentioned in the document to work on the app. Then the app is sent to testers for evaluation. After making sure that the app works according to the document it is sent to the client who checks the app with their own technical team. If the app is a success its launched into the market for public usage. The testers need to keep checking the app or product until it shows no errors or else it will be sent back to the developers to develop proper code for the app to function without any glitches or defects and as per client requirements.


The process of software testing is not only used for finding faults in the existing software. It finds ways to improve the software in terms of efficiency, accuracy, usability and reliability. It provide ways to keep the software bug free and and improves its functionality.

Software testing method involves the following two steps:

Verification uses a set of tasks to ensure that software correctly accomplishes specific function.

Validation uses a different set of tasks to ensure that the software has been developed according to the customer's requirements.

Types of Software Testing:

Software testing is basically classified into two types:


Difference between manual and automation testing are as follows:

Manual Testing : Verification for bugs in the software is done manually by testers. Its very time taking and less efficient. It cannot guarantee sufficient test coverage.
Test coverage means to check whether all the test cases cover the code. So manual testing cannot guarantee that.

Automation Testing : Here verification is done by using automation tools or script. So the testing part is carried out automatically without man work. More testing can be done in less time and its more efficient. It ensures greater test coverage.


Software testing ensures that only quality products are supplied to customers which in turn brings great amount of satisfaction among customers and elevates the level of trust in them. Software bugs bring great amount of monetary and human loss. To fix this issue software testing has become an important part in field of testing.
Software testing uses many testing techniques like black box testing, white box testing etc. which were not available in the previous techniques. This testing technique has gained importance through the years because of its ability to increase the application's consistency and performance. It has also proved to be great when it comes to terms of understanding because the team of testers working by using software testing find it easy to understand the actual and expected outcomes so that they are able to provide best quality products. Let us see some other factors why software testing is considered to be important.

  1. Early identification of errors : Software testing is important because it fixes the bugs as early as possible before the delivery of the app or product.

  2. Improves the quality of the software : Detects the errors perfectly and improves the working of the software.

  3. Saves money : The companies are nowadays opting for this testing method since it saves them money by fixing issues before the product goes into the market. This reduces the loss of money and helps the company to maintain its reputation since the issues are already fixed before the product is launched into the market.

  4. Security : The software testing is considered due to security reasons. For example the details or info about users are purloined and used for one's own benefits. Its the reason for which the users look out for trusted and tested products. When a product goes under testing it becomes a reliable product and hence people feel safe to use the tested ones.

These are some of the reasons for which the software testing is considered important by many organizations and institutions.


This blog was all about understanding what is software testing, its types and how much popularity it has gained through the years and vastly it is being used by many organizations and institutions. It has made the testing of software applications or products easy and reliable to use these products. Software testing now plays an important role in many companies since it enables their testing team to verify applications or products and send out successful products into the market for people use.
Some more of the benefits that come with usage of software testing are: it gives low failure rate meaning it guarantees production of successful products more than failure products or ones with defects. It ensures bug free application or product where it removes all glitches, defects before launching the product. It helps in recovering the application meaning, when the application tends to fail it makes the product to start functioning normally in less amount of time. It ensures that the development process is sped up that is it helps the development team to carry on the process faster since it has the ability to identify the bugs sooner. Hence ensuring that the app or product development is completed soon.



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