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Browser Extensions for 2024

ColorZilla: Dive deeper into color exploration with ColorZilla's advanced features, including gradient generators, palette viewers, and color picker tools, empowering you to create stunning designs with precision and ease.

WhatFont: Uncover the secrets of typography with WhatFont's additional functionalities, such as font detection within iframes and support for Typekit and Google Font API, expanding your font identification capabilities across the web.

Wappalyzer: Gain deeper insights into website technologies with Wappalyzer's extensive database of over a thousand technologies, including detailed version information and historical data, enabling you to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies.

Web Developer: Customize your web development workflow with Web Developer's plethora of options, from disabling JavaScript to analyzing HTTP headers, ensuring you have the tools you need to tackle any development challenge head-on.

Dark Reader: Tailor your dark mode experience with Dark Reader's customizable settings, including brightness and contrast adjustments, color inversion options, and site-specific settings, providing a personalized browsing experience that's easy on the eyes.

JSON Formatter: Fine-tune your JSON parsing with JSON Formatter's additional features, such as syntax highlighting, collapsible nodes, and error highlighting, making complex JSON data more manageable and understandable.

Session Buddy: Take control of your browsing sessions with Session Buddy's advanced session management capabilities, including automatic session saving, session sharing across devices, and backup and restore functionality, ensuring you never lose important tabs again.

Fake Filler: Safeguard your privacy with Fake Filler's enhanced privacy features, such as customizable data profiles, support for form autofill detection, and GDPR compliance, ensuring your personal information remains secure while filling out online forms.

Quick Source Viewer: Explore webpage source code with ease using Quick Source Viewer's integrated syntax highlighting, search functionality, and line numbering, simplifying the process of debugging and troubleshooting webpages.

CSS Viewer: Expand your CSS knowledge with CSS Viewer's additional resources, including CSS property references, browser compatibility charts, and live CSS editing capabilities, empowering you to master the art of web styling.

User Agent Switcher: Test your website's responsiveness with User Agent Switcher's extensive library of user agents, including mobile devices, tablets, and various browser versions, ensuring your website looks and functions flawlessly across different platforms.

Visbug: Unleash your creativity with Visbug's advanced design tools, such as CSS grid overlays, layout manipulation features, and responsive design testing, allowing you to design and prototype websites with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

Daily.Dev: Stay informed and inspired with Daily.Dev's curated collection of tech articles and news, supplemented by additional resources such as tutorials, case studies, and community forums, fostering continuous learning and professional growth.

LT Debug: Streamline your debugging process with LT Debug's integrated suite of performance monitoring tools, error tracking features, and real-time code analysis, empowering you to identify and fix issues quickly and efficiently.

Check My Links: Ensure your website's integrity with Check My Links' comprehensive link checking capabilities, including support for custom link filters, bulk link checking, and detailed error reporting, helping you maintain a seamless user experience and improve SEO.

Web Developer Checklist: Enhance your web development workflow with Web Developer Checklist's extensive collection of best practices, optimization tips, and accessibility guidelines, ensuring your websites are built to the highest standards and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Click Up: Boost collaboration and productivity with Click Up's advanced project management features, such as task dependencies, time tracking, and integration with popular productivity tools like Slack and Google Drive, enabling teams to work smarter and achieve more.

Checkbot: Optimize your website's performance, SEO, and security with Checkbot's comprehensive auditing tools, including automated checks for over 50 issues, actionable recommendations for improvement, and detailed performance reports, helping you achieve peak website performance and user satisfaction.

IE Tab: Ensure seamless cross-browser compatibility with IE Tab's advanced emulation features, including support for legacy Internet Explorer versions, ActiveX controls, and compatibility mode settings, enabling you to test and debug your website with confidence.

Lorem Ipsum Generator: Elevate your design mockups and content drafts with Lorem Ipsum Generator's expanded text generation capabilities, including support for custom word lists, sentence structures, and placeholder image embedding, making it easier than ever to create realistic and engaging content placeholders.

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