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7 Mistakes STOPPING you from landing an interview 😱😞

Recently I have been assigned a role of filtering CVs and I was really shocked with those mistakes, So I thought why we don't try to avoid them.

Stop using CV/Resume online templates. I see them killers

  • Rule #1 while you are creating your CV it MUST NOT be more than 2 pages. an A4 paper size is very enough for your previous 4 companies with a brief description about every one, Education, Skills.

This Applies to you whether you are fresh, +2 Junior or even senior

  • 2 Pages Only Remember don't waste the space with the online CV Templates. Neat and professional Word Document is enough, no need for fancy SVGs.

🚨Warning: DO NOT apply with word document, instead convert to PDF🚨

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Your LinkedIn and Github accounts are very important

  • I see too many people forget to put their LinkedIn and Github accounts.
  • You add your personal projects but HR or the guy who filters Cvs out needs to an evidence.

This applies to GitLab - Jira or any code hosting platform for version control and collaboration

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Try to host your applications online as much as possible

  • This adds weight to you as seeing your projects in actions has a different impact than reading a description. Let your work talk instead of you.
  • You can use any free hosting provider just like "Heroku - Netlify - Github Pages - Firebase Hosting" and many more.

Try to use situations to express your skills instead of indicator.

  • One of the things I learned when I was creating my CV is that numbers and metrics has an amplified impact on the CV Filtration phase.
  • So as an example instead of saying that you have Leadership and good communication skills, You could say:

I Led a team of 4 UI/UX, Back-end, Front-end, and a mobile developer and got A+ and ranked as the #2 valuable project in the college.

Your LinkedIn Works as your CV also

  • For LinkedIn give it attention and make sure it's updated with your relevant experience.
  • Keeping your self active on LinkedIn will grasp attention to you sooner or later.
  • You can search Online how to make your LinkedIn Profile standing out from others and apply those tips and hacks. Give a look at My LinkedIn I have applied those tips there.

This advise especially for Github Users 😎🤩

  • Github has a very nice feature called Github Secrets, You can add a README to your Profile. Very neat and stylish.

  • I have added this to My Github Profile too you can give it a look and fork hima-megahed repository and change information to yours.

There is no need to put your Personal Photo

  • I see you should not put your personal photo to the CV unless the employer asked that. And believe most of them don't ask for that.
  • This also will add more space to your projects and will reduce number of pages remember Rule #1 ☝️.

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