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Scrimba's #JavaScriptmas

just starting my coding journey and looking to connect with other code newbies!
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I recently completed a 24-week coding boot camp, upon the heels of which this challenge arrived. Thinking back to where I started and ended, what an amazing journey it was, going from stressing about refactoring simple HTML code to building a full-stack React app with functioning APIs and databases. I stumbled upon Scrimba's #JavaScriptmas challenge and decided to give it a shot. It gives me a chance to dust off some JavaScript skills and possibly win a subscription or cold hard cash. My solutions are at the end of this article.

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I found with each challenge that I became more comfortable thinking through the required logic of each problem. This helped speed up the time to solve each one. But, I still found myself googling quite a bit and referring to MDN docs, w3schools, and StackOverflow. The world of JavaScript is a wild west to me and there are SO many different ways to accomplish something.

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The most difficult challenge for me was Day 8 The Rolling Dice. It was also the challenge I procrastinated the worst, the second worst being Day 15 Carousel. These took me several days. Was this a surprise? Not really. DOM manipulation had been one of the more challenging concepts for me to grasp during boot camp. I struggled with The Rolling Dice while attempting to do it first with vanilla JavaScript and CSS. Then, a few days ago I switched over to trying the CSS Framework with which I am most familiar - Bootstrap. After some trial and error, I finally found the right combination of rows, columns, and utilities to place the dots accordingly as a dice face. At this point, there is still a spacing oddity at the bottom of the dice face which becomes more noticeable to me when rolling a two or three. But as they say, "Perfection is the enemy of Done" - something I have needed to remind myself of frequently - and right now, I'm settling on this Done but Basic Rolling Dice.

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Overall, I really enjoyed this challenge - so much so that I signed up for an annual Scrimba Pro membership! Their learning platform and built-in IDE resonated with me. I am very much looking forward to their many course offerings as a I continue building up my coding skills. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope you have a happy healthy holiday season and new year.

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