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A few tips

  • Is good to share code in github, but be carefull with the quality of the code that you share. And come back, to evolve the code that you shared. Because, hopefully you are evolving, but if you don't maintain the code that you shared how can we be able to know if you are at a good level.
  • Learn the best practices of the area that you are learning (for example, don't use style in html(like all rules there are exceptions :) ))
  • If you like programming, do programming challenges. Register in codewars, for example.
  • Try to learn the concepts, they normally do not change and can be used in numerous languages and situations.
  • Try to get a mentor, the path will be easier
  • Do lots of networking, connections are very important
  • We work for humans and with humans, so work your social skills

I hope these tips will help you.


Thanks, I definitely need to connect more and build a better social track record. I can agree to that. I will go back and refactor code and participate in my coding challenges and hackathons. This is great advice 👍

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