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Dynamically generate docker-compose.yaml for YugabyteDB and more!

yb-docker-composer is Python-based CLI for generating docker-compose.yaml files dynamically based on the arguments specified at the CLI.

Git repo:


I always find the notion of running docker containers from declarative config files a more elegant solution as opposed to just running them via docker run commands. With docker-compose, I can easily set up and tear down different combination of services for testing or demo purposes.

But wait. Thereโ€™s already yb-docker-ctl and that allows anyone to easily run YugabyteDB as containers while allowing customization such as the ability to specify replication factor or yb-master / yb-tserver flags. However, I realised that in order to set environment attribute or to add linux capabilities via cap-add, I probably have to hardcode them somewhere within yb-docker-ctl code.

Instead of copying, pasting and editing existing docker-compose.yaml files and ending up with a truckload of them, you can use yb-docker-composer to dynamically generate docker-compose.yaml on the fly based on arguments you supply when running yb-docker-composer CLI.

How does it work?

Simply run python and it will generate a docker-compose.yaml for running a YugabyteDB cluster with RF=3 (i.e. 3 x YB-Master and 3 x YB-TServer containers)

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Specifying --prometheus option will generate service definitions for both Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring your YugabyteDB cluster. Grafana dashboard included.

python --prometheus
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The python script will take in your CLI arguments and render the respective service definitions based on Jinja templates that can be found in

What's next?

I'm planning to include templates for Kafka brokers and connect workers, sqlpad, and some accompanying apps. Appreciate and welcome any thoughts and comments.

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