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Vue.js Gallery Page: Creating a Custom Loader for Better User Experience

I was building a Vue app (using the options API) with a gallery page that fetched photos from an API when I found myself struggling with the issue of how to display a loading animation while the photos were loading.

At first, I tried using a simple CSS spinner, but I quickly realized that I wanted more control over that. I then explored using a pre-built library, but while Vue Suspense seemed like a powerful tool, I decided not to use it due to its experimental status.

Finally, I came across a solution that worked perfectly for my needs: creating a custom Vue component to display the spinner. By creating a separate component, I was able to encapsulate the spinner logic and easily reuse it across my app.

I started by creating a new component called GalleryLoader.vue and adding the spinner code to the template.

Vue Component Code
In my gallery page, I imported the GalleryLoader component and added it to the template with the loading set to true. Then, in the mounted lifecycle hook, I made the API request to fetch the photos and set the loading property to false when the photos were loaded.

Vue.js Code
In this example, the GalleryLoader component will only be displayed when the loading is true. When the gallery data is fetched and loaded, the loading is set to false and the GalleryLoader component will be hidden.

Using this approach, I was able to create a customizable and reusable spinner component that worked perfectly for my gallery page. By encapsulating the spinner logic in a separate component, I was able to keep my gallery page clean and easy to read, while also improving the user experience by providing feedback during the photo-loading process.

If you're struggling with the same issue, I highly recommend giving the custom component approach a try. Though the best approach will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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