What kind of doctor fixes broken websites?

Vicente G. Reyes on September 18, 2019

A URLologist.


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I swear this mans voice is engraved into my neurons at this point. I hear him so well from this gif. Maybe I need to lay off the meme compilations for a while.


Did you know why Rick Springfield had a hard time installing Debian?

Don't you know he wished that he had Jessie's URL ...


How do I report this for being a hilarious pun but I'm embarrassed that I laughed?


Are you being serious? If you are, there are 3 dots beside the date to report a comment or a post.

Definitely a joke

Alright. Just making sure.


Yo pare, that was totally tangga, but pretty darn good. Ingat palagi. :)


Hehe good one. #jokelang

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