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The difference between a software engineer and a software developer

When I started to learn how to code, I only wanted to build web apps and other cool stuff with what I'd learn. When I checked job posts in different job sites, I often saw two different roles which made me think what are the differences in terms of responsibilities of those two roles. Researching a little bit more, I learned that when hiring managers and job seekers are confused on what a software developer and a software engineer is with its responsibilities.

I try to explain in this article what those two different roles are. I've been a lead backend engineer at a HIPAA compliant startup, a freelance django/shopify/webflow developer in the past 5 years.

Software Developer Responsibilities

  • advanced insight
  • create, test, refine apps, update, debug
  • targets consumer markets
  • collaborates w/ testers and QA
  • works with computer design companies
  • understands user needs

Software Engineer Responsibilities

  • logic-based and process-based concepts
  • product and system development
  • apply engineering principles to create apps
  • testability and maintainability of functions
  • design, verify and assure processes


Didn't include all that I experienced and read in some websites like salary, education, skills and programming languages.

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Phillip Richdale

Sounds just like two different skill-levels to me.

"Engineer" is quite a generic term in the US. In Germany, you're not allowed to call yourself an Engineer ("Ingenieur") unless you have a specific education that qualifies you for that title.

My levels would be "Developer", "Senior Developer", "Architect" and I would assume that each level includes all the skills required for the preceding levels.

I would only reserve "Engineer" for people who are skilled and reputably/officially certified to follow specific requirements, like someone who programs spacecraft, nuclear powerplants or highly mission-critical real-time embedded systems such as safety electronics in vehicles.

The title "Engineer" is used to liberally in the US IMHO. Inflation of titles is the result.

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Sobhan Mowlaei

Greate Bro