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re: Hey Vicente! Thanks for sharing and this looks pretty cool. I was wondering if you ever considered using a realtime stream of COVID updates to buil...

Hey Tamimi, what I actually have in mind is, since someone from the Philippines is taking down notes on where the budget for COVID is going, I'm planning on adding the said data on the site. But it's still on planning stage tho.

Awesome blog post! I'm actually still a novice in Django but I'm in. I could learn a thing or two from you anyways.


Sounds good! Have you done any front end development with python as a backend (i.e. using Django)? We can start with the code snippet in my blodpost as the event-driven skeleton receiving updates from any of the data sources. Subscription to topics could be as easy as subscribing to"jhu/csse/covid19/test/cases/+/update/Philippines/#" for example to get all cases updates from the Philippines. It'll be a cool exploration of using Python/Django and messaging protocol mqtt

Let's speak in the chat 😄

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