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What to do if AdMob cannot find my app for linking


When using Google AdMob, you first need to link your app to AdMob.

According to the AdMob help page, it may take up to a week after your app is published in the app store (e.g. App Store for iOS apps) before your app can be linked.


However, three weeks after publishing my iOS app, my app was still not found in AdMob and could not be linked to AdMob.

This problem has occurred many times in the past, and you can find many people's reports on the Internet.


Ask in the Google forums for AdMob developers.

If you report a problem and ask for help on the above forum, Google's AdMob staff will help you solve the problem right away.

In my case, after reporting the problem in the above forum, I was able to get my app to show up in AdMob and link to it just 30 minutes later.

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