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Hibrit Usta
Hibrit Usta

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How to make the background of the items inside a box, the background of the page?

There is one box in the photo below and there are round circles inside the box.
The background of the box has a wood pattern, but the background of the elements inside the box is transparent(body background).

my case study file:

How can I do this with css?

Alt Text

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

I wouldn't think of the circles as holes; just treat them as a layer on top of the wood and give them the same background color as the main background color.

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Hibrit Usta Author • Edited on

i will create the elements inside the box as css. i will give you height, width ..
I did as much as you said. But since the body background is gradient, it won't be exactly what I case study