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How to make the background of the items inside a box, the background of the page?

hibritusta profile image Hibrit Usta ・1 min read

There is one box in the photo below and there are round circles inside the box.
The background of the box has a wood pattern, but the background of the elements inside the box is transparent(body background).

my case study file:

How can I do this with css?

Alt Text

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aleksandrhovhannisyan profile image
Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

I wouldn't think of the circles as holes; just treat them as a layer on top of the wood and give them the same background color as the main background color.

hibritusta profile image
Hibrit Usta Author • Edited

i will create the elements inside the box as css. i will give you height, width ..
I did as much as you said. But since the body background is gradient, it won't be exactly what I case study