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Discussion on: How to use gRPC with Rust Tonic and Postgres database with examples

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Unfortunately, this code doesn't work with more recent versions of the tonic and postgres libraries.

You will hit the error:

thread 'tokio-runtime-worker' panicked at 'Cannot start a runtime from within a runtime. This happens because a function (like `block_on`) attempted to block the current thread while the thread is being used to drive asynchronous tasks.'
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Because postgres driver executes runtime.block_on inside the block_on coming from #[tokio:main]

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Steadylearner Author • Edited on

Thanks for letting the comment to help others. I will upgrade it later if I have to use Rust with gRPC again. Until then, it will be better to read this post only to learn the workflow to use gRPC with Rust and Tonic.