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What are the uses of JavaScript

JavaScript is a lightweight object-oriented programming language that is used to script webpages by a number of websites. It's a full-featured, interpreted programming language. When applied to an HTML document, JavaScript allows for dynamic interactivity on websites.

JavaScript enables users to create modern web applications that allow users to engage without having to reload the page every time. The DOM API frequently uses JavaScript to dynamically modify HTML and CSS to update a user interface. It is primarily employed in web-based applications.

Let's talk about how JavaScript is used. The following image depicts some of the applications of JavaScript.

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1. Web Development

JavaScript is a scripting language that is often used to create web pages. It enables us to add dynamic behaviour to the homepage as well as special effects. It is primarily used on websites for validation purposes. JavaScript allows us to do complicated tasks and allows websites to communicate with users. It is also feasible to load the content of a document without reloading the webpage using JavaScript.

2. Mobile Applications

Mobile devices are widely utilized to access the internet nowadays. We can also create an application for non-web environments using JavaScript. JavaScript's strengths and applications make it a powerful tool for developing mobile apps. The React Native framework is a popular JavaScript framework for developing mobile apps. We can create mobile applications for a variety of operating systems using React Native. We don't need to write separate codes for the iOS and Android platforms. It only needs to be written once and run on multiple platforms.

3. Making Games

JavaScript can also be used to make games. It comes with a number of libraries and frameworks that can be used to make a game. The game can be in two dimensions or three dimensions. We can use JavaScript game engines like PhysicsJS and Pixi.js to make a web game. We can also utilize WebGL (web graphics library), a JavaScript API that allows us to render 2D and 3D pictures in browsers.

4. Presentations

We can also use JavaScript to make website presentations. RevealJs and BespokeJs are two libraries that may be used to create a web-based slide presentation. They are simpler to utilise, allowing us to create something spectacular in a short amount of time.

With the use of HTML, Reveal.js is used to create dynamic and stunning slide decks. These presentations perform well on tablets and mobile devices. It also works with all CSS colour formats. Animated bullet lists, responsive scaling, and a wide range of features are included in BespokeJS.

*5. Server Applications *

A server-side component is present in a vast number of web applications. To generate content and process HTTP requests, JavaScript is employed. Node.js allows JavaScript to execute on servers. Node.js provides a server-side environment with all of the tools required for JavaScript to run.

There are many other uses of JavaScript too, but for this blog, listing 5 of them are enough.

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