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45+ Free Developer Resources for Web Developers (Oversimplified Version)

I have compiled a list of great resources for aspiring and professional developers. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check me out on Twitter, I post similar great content.

Beginner Roadmap (Full-Stack)

1) Learn HTML
2) Learn CSS
3) Learn JavaScript
4) Learn React JS
5) Learn Angular JS
6) Learn Bootstrap JS
7) Learn Node JS
8) Learn Express JS
9) Learn MongoDB
10) Learn Mongoose
11) Learn RESTful Architecture
12) Learn Building APIs with Node JS


13) Learn SQL
14) Learn NoSQL Concepts
15) Learn RDBMS Concept
16) Learn Firebase Realtime Database
17) Learn Firebase Cloud Firestore
18) Learn DynamoDB
19) Learn CouchDB
20) Learn Redis Cache
21) Learn PostgreSQL
22) Learn MySQL
23) Learn MSSQL
24) Learn SQLite
25) Learn Oracle
26) Learn RethinkDB

Server Side Languages & Frameworks

27) Learn Java
28) Learn C#
29) Learn Python
30) Learn Ruby
31) Learn Rust
32) Learn Golang
33) Learn Erlang
34) Learn PHP
35) Learn Django
36) Learn Flask
37) Learn ASP.NET API
38) Learn ASP.NET MVC
39) Learn Ruby on Rails
40) Learn Spring
41) Learn Laravel

Cloud Services & Orchestration

42) Learn GCP
43) Learn AWS
44) Learn Digital Ocean Hosting
45) Learn Linode Hosting
46) Learn Docker
47) Learn Kubenetes

Testing & Version Control

48) Learn Git
49) Learn Jest
50) Learn GitHub


Thank you for reading πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, and I hope you found this article useful πŸ”₯

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