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Some of what I've done lately

Landing Page made in React

Using React and React Hooks I've created a landing page for a job's coding challenge structured with Atomic Design.

Landing Page - Code
Landing Page - Demo

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Task App made in React and Python

In this MVP as another job's coding challenge I've used Flask (Python) in the backend, ReactJS in the frontend and SQLite as database.
There's still a lot to improve, which I want to share in this blog as well.

FlaskReact - Code
FlaskReact - Demo: app
FlaskReact - Demo: server

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FullStacking progress

I've rushed some progress and got confused to share most of what I've learned as you might have noticed in the last post. Since users and authentication, I've add some form validation with Formik + Yup and a pretty cool datepicker. I still have to format the date, thought.
Next step is to add pagination using Relay.

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