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Data Analysis With Microsoft Excel: Analysis Of The MonkeyPox Disease.

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MonkeyPox is a viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted to humans from animals). Animal host include rodents and non human pirates. The MonkeyPox virus was first discovered in 1970 in Democratic Republic of Congo.
In May 2022, multiple cases of the virus was identified in several countries across the world.

In this project, I carried out data analysis on the viral disease, using Microsoft Excel.

Data cleaning, analysis, exploration and visualization was done using just Microsoft Excel.
This analysis shows trends and patterns of the disease in 2022 , it also provides answers to some very important questions.

Data Structure And Preparation.

The dataset for this project was gotten from
The dataset contains thirty six columns and over twenty-five thousand rows. Records in the dataset include; Date of confirmation, status, city, country, gender, age, symptoms, and so many more.
Here is what the dataset looks like:
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Data Cleaning And Preparation.

The dataset had no outliers, errors, duplicate, missing rows and columns, so the data cleaning process was a walk through.

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Analysis And Insights.

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An overview of the dashboard shows the most important information gotten from the dataset, which include; total number of confirmed cases, countries with the most confirmed cases and the pattern of the spread of the disease in 2022.

1.Number of incidents:

Image descriptionSuspected, discarded and confirmed cases were recorded in the dataset. Analysis carried out on the dataset shows 23, 273 confirmed cases of monkey pox disease have been recorded from January 1st, 2022 to 1st August, 2022.

2.Countries with Most Confirmed Cases.

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Much to my surprise, The United States of America and Central European countries have had the most confirmed cases of MonkeyPox in 2022.

3.Cases Per Month.

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The disease caught the media attention in May 2022, and has garnered lot of publicity since then.
Analysis done on this dataset shows the gradual trend of the disease since January 2022 till August.


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Thanks for reading!

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