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Discussion on: Complete Introduction to Fullstack, Type-Safe GraphQL (feat. Next.js, Nexus, Prisma)

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Xiaoru Li Author • Edited on

Hi there, thanks for the comment! I'm actually not able to reproduce this - perhaps you forgot to import the files where other parts of the schema are defined?

What I did:

  1. Extracted the code for objectType User to another file located at graphql/newFile.ts - next to the original schema.ts
  2. Wrote import "./newFile.ts" at the beginning of graphql/schema.ts

Note that schema from Nexus (is a singleton I believe) is also imported in newFile.ts, and nothing is exported in that file. Here's what I have:

import { schema } from "nexus";

  name: "User",
  definition(t) {;;

In JS/TS, if you import a file, it is scanned through and run by the interpreter, so schema.objectType() is actually executed when the interpreter is done with the line import "./newFile.ts", so it's not static.

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@soosap • Edited on

Yes, that's exactly what I am talking about,

you now have to write import statements for all schema related files in graphql/schema.ts.

If you do that then both GraphQL endpoints (localhost:4000/graphql + localhost:3000/api/graphql) work. However, when you omit the manual import statements in graphql/schema.ts it still continues to work at localhost:4000/graphql, however it no longer works for localhost:3000/api/graphql. For me not dealing with imports in graphql/schema.ts seemed like a nice behaviour of the nexus framework. I was trying to understand if I could avoid the import statements somehow in nextjs localhost:3000/api/graphql?

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Xiaoru Li Author • Edited on

I'm not sure why it would continue to work with Nexus dev server's /graphql route, but my guess is that it's due to some caching not being invalidated by Nexus (probably a bug, I'll try to dig into it). The correct behavior should be it fails as well. :)

Edit: Normally, Nexus actually scans the entire project for import {schema} from 'nexus', if an entry point is not specified.

I think the problem you are encountering is because somehow Nexus imported the external schema after the Nexus app has assembled. Actually, when working with Next.js, it's not recommended to have multiple files that import the same part (like use, schema) from Nexus.