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How To See If Your Resume Was Viewed When Applying For A Job

Being in the market for a new developer position I cold email recruiters, hiring managers and engineers all the time but I never know who to follow up with if they don't respond.

UPDATE: As one reader pointed out that a bitly in a cold email might get your email in the spam folder, my greatest success with this was actually on Linkedin. Guess now I know why :)

This what I came up with to see if my resume was viewed:

  • Put your resume on google docs and get a public link.
  • Use to generate unique links for every outreach email etc.

Bitly will now show you if the link was clicked on!
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P.S. I'm still looking for a position in NYC if you know of anything or if you'd like to hire me you hit me up at!

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How have your views been? I can't imagine a cold email with a link is going to get through most spam filters.

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Heshie Brody

Lol, good point! Actually used it mostly for Linkedin where it worked very well.

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