Cover image for Interested in IoT dev? Want early access to the Arduino Explore IoT kit? Tell us more...

Interested in IoT dev? Want early access to the Arduino Explore IoT kit? Tell us more...

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Hello DEV Community! 👋

Heroku is partnering with Arduino and CascadiaJS to deliver an IoT workshop next month during the CascadiaJS Plugged In conference, and we are giving away 6 free tickets 🎟 and the opportunity to have access to one of the upcoming Explore IoT Kit from Arduino (a new product from Arduino, yet to be released!).

The ticket includes:

  • CascadiaJS Conference attendance
  • A spot in the IoT Development Workshop facilitated by Arduino and Heroku
  • An Explore IoT Kit from Arduino (not yet released!)

If you want to participate, here is what you need to do:

  • 👉 Reply to this post as a comment with a creative idea and tell us: What would you build using the Explore IoT Kit from Arduino and Heroku? 👈
  • Make sure you include your Twitter handle (if any)
  • Confirm you will attend the conference and share a write up with the community

The top 6 ideas with most votes (Hearts 💜) will be selected! 🎉

You can submit your ideas between August 13th and August 21st, 2020, the top 6 ideas will be chosen on August 25th, 2020, and selected participants will be announced here and on @Heroku and @CascadiaJS twitter accounts.

If you are selected, we would love to see your idea come to reality! We want you to share with the community what you built and how you built it!

Update: Both conference and workshop are going to be remote, more information about the workshop can be found in the CascadiaJS 2020 website, the IoT Workshop will be hosted on September 2nd, 2020.

Update 2: Thank you very much for your submissions, definitely a lot of great ideas to implement!

The time has come and we have selected the attendees for the IoT Workshop at CascadiaJS with Heroku and Arduino.

Congratulations to:

  • Matías Blayer
  • Ricardo Trejos
  • Diana Rodriguez (Super Diana)
  • Javier Pedrosa
  • Chris Bongers (DailyDevTips)
  • Manuel Benitez (manwey)

Thank you very much for your participation!

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How cool the proposal and the ideas!!!

My idea is to take advantage of the option of taking infrared signals from remote controls to be able to automate things in the house / office that are not automated, in this way to be able to control or automate everyday elements, such as a television, air conditioning, strips or LED lamps.
The air conditioner has the temperature sensor inside the air conditioner so to detect that the environment is cold it has to fill the entire environment with cold air and not only the area that imports important parts of the height of the environment, if we have one or more temperature sensors in the room at the heights that require their control, we could make the control of the air conditioning more effective. Something similar happens with televisions, many times we have the television turned on and we have to return to the environment to turn it off, having the option of a module where we load commands, we could from the cell phone or when it detects that there is nobody in the environment to turn off the television.
This is only with 2 application ideas, but it could be applied to anything with infrared and thus gradually automate our environment, without depending on the internet, in addition, sensors could be added according to the environment where the module will be, gas, smoke, light, distance as an alarm in the kitchen when there are children in the house, etc.

twitter: @m_blayer


I`m looking forward to participating in the conference and sharing the experience.


I would like to build a PCA (Pedestrian Crossing Aide) for school children and pedestrians alike in my local community to aide in helping them cross roads safely to and from school and help reduce road accidents.

Twitter: @kafui4k

Got my tickets 😁 and not sure am gonna miss it at all.


I would like to build an Arduino based time-lapse device for take photos of the progress on construction sites, plants growing or simply a photos of the sunset.

Twitter : @cardotrejos

And of course I will attend to the conference! :D


Wow this is awesome, for me it would be a home automating tool.
I want to connect the arduino to read the electric/water meters and have a web-app to view where and how you can safe money by handling simple questions about specific peaks/times.

My Twitter handle: @dailydevtips1
As for the course, is this an online course?
Will definitely write an article/series on my blog


Hey! Thanks for your submission!

Yes, it will be an online course and conference!


I want to build an "On air" light for outside my door now that we're all working remotely. This is to inform the rest of the family if it's ok to come in or if I'm in a meeting or concentration time.
I'd like to sync it with calendars and VC apps in order to have it work automatically throughout the day so you don't even have to think about if it's there or not.
Also have a button on it outside the door that allows people to push it to send a notification to me that they need something when I have time.

Twitter: @tretuna

I've got my ticket and definitely am not missing Cascadia!


Case in point. In the time since I wrote this (about 30 minutes), my kids have come into my office 3 times while I'm in a meeting... So...... Definitely something I want to build! 😂


An energy meter and remote control of an energy outlet. Here you have hardware design just for metering part with arduino and a SOC chip for energy metering rodin.uca.es/xmlui/bitstream/handl...

UPDATE: So excited I've got my ticket. Just removing dust of my old NO-IoT hardware while waiting for the date :)
TWITTER: @fjpedrosaphd


I want to build a doorbell for the hard of hearing. With the tactile buttons i can replicate the doorbell function and even add a small camera for the person to see who's outside.Pushing the button will trigger smart lights to flicker on and off so the person knows someone's at the door and i can add messaging and video capabilities with Vonage SMS & Video and notify users via sms or through a push notification in a simple nativescript mobile app that someone's at the door. Extending this with the mobile app allows users to access their camera stream and in the near future add DVR function to an s3 bucket that can be pruned at any given time frequency. All this to be open source and ready for community contributions


3 Days ago some people (6 or 7) steal a car, (90 kilometers from my home town and where they used it) and use it to steal in 2 phone shops in a mall at 3 a.m.


It took them 5 minutes to achieve their goal, when the police arrived there was no one.

I think that IoT can help to by one side alert the owner of the car that it was stolen an by other side alert police and mall security about this kind of events, by using algorithms that take into account several characteristics from camera inputs like time of the day.

Also can record information about the own devices that the thieves carry with them that can help to identify them, I mean, for example, if the thieves have in their phone settings turned on to look for available wifi hotspots, maybe it could be posible to save info about their devices to identify unique devices, name of the hotspots that they are been in the past, etc.

I think that IoT could have a long run in the field of security.


Thank you very much for your submissions, definitely a lot of great ideas to implement!

The time has come and we have selected the attendees for the IoT Workshop at CascadiaJS with Heroku and Arduino.

Congratulations to:

  • Matías Blayer
  • Ricardo Trejos
  • Super Diana
  • Javier Pedrosa
  • Chris Bongers (DailyDevTips)
  • Manuel Benitez (manwey)

Thank you very much for your participation!


I've a french bulldog, Gizmo, whose snores can be heard a room away. I'd love to build a sleep monitor to attach to his collar to find out:

  1. Whats the loudest he snores?
  2. How often he wakes himself up from snoring...

Using a microphone sensor, send the sound intensity once it breaches a manually set minimum level to Heroku... have some managed learning to ask was he sleeping at Xpm? Ypm? Maybe it will be smart enough to catch the pattern.. Will have to switch out his collar a few times with batteries..

Then I will use this data to shame him into walking at least one more block.

Twitter: @Art_Wolf

Yep, I'd attend the conference and write a post about it :)

Ohh this is a specific kit...


I'd like to build a wearable device that will track movement patterns related to practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a beginner BJJ practitioner is being able to escape and ideally prevent your opponent from pinning your torso to the ground. Preventing (and escaping) these ground pins also prevent eventual submissions (aka your opponent "tapping" you out). One way to prevent/escape these pins is by keeping your opponent from touching your torso ("getting inside position"). Typically your opponent will gain inside position by gradually pinning each of your shoulders and hips to the ground. This can happen one or more micro pins at a time.

During these "rolling sessions" (sparring with your opponent) a lot happens and very quickly. Because it's hard to notice and track these micro movements, having a wearable device on the torso can track and aggregate this information to help a beginner notice any patterns related to the successful or poor techniques they are using to defend themselves.

BJJ is not only super fun but also very practical for self-defense. I love it!

Here is a quick example of an opponent attempting to breach the inside space of the torso: youtube.com/watch?v=ce_0XT1BBQA&t=...

twitter: usernameKZ

I’m registered for Cascadia (wooohooo!)


Since most of our students are learning remotely.

A robot that kids can control through their Teams and Zoom online interfaces.

After training and testing designs, the first small robot could be shared and used to build the others. All remotely.

Then a competition.


I will build a device to improve the banking experience of the disable people. It could identify the disability in a person and adjust appropriately to provide the best banking experience. Customer service will stop treating people poorly cos they've a disability.
I will attend the conference and share a write up with the community.


Where do we submit the ideas to?


Here, as a comment!


lol my reading skills!


I will create an automatic watering system for my garden at home.
I would love to attend the conference and submit a writeup for this.


Hey Danny, can you reply with your email? Thanks!