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How to Extract URL Query Parameters

Assume you have a url to looks like this

How can I grab that id value?

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Well today, we are going to see how can grab the id from the url using vanilla JavaScript.

Main Concept

  • Window.location

location is is a window property that contains information about the current Document. Document refers to the page that is being rendered.

  • URLSearchParams API

According to MDN:

The URLSearchParams API defines utility methods that can be used to manipulate the URL string like ours here: ""

How to Use URLSearchParams and location to achieve this?

Just before we step on our fuel pedal and speed up using the URLSearchParams API, we need to elaborate on one more thing, window.location

Oh yeah! when invoked, the window.location returns an object with all the information regarding the current Document. For example, if I run window.location in the console of the this window I am working on right now, this is what I get:

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As you can see, there is plenty of information right there πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

With this knowledge of the window.location property, we are just one property away from getting the parameters from our link

Let me expand the previous object so that you can see how close we are:
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You see what I mean? Yeah! Right there you can see the search: "". And yeah, in this case it is empty because there there are no query parameters in the current window.

If our link looked like this, then search will look like this:
search: "?id=1"

Let us nail it

In order to get the search parameter, we shall combine URLSearchParams and like this:

let searchParams = new URLSearchParams(;
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In the snipet above, new URLSearchParams( will split the url query (id=1) into key/value pairs.

Therefore, the variable searchParams will look like this:

  id: 1,
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Oh yeah! We got it, right? From here, all we need to do is access id and it will give us the value, 1 in this case.

This is how you do it:

let id = searchParams.get("id");
//=> 1
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Key Takeaways

  • window.location is a property that returns all the information regarding the current Document.

  • URLSearchParams API allows us to manipulate urls.

  • returns the search property which contains the list of our url queries.

  • Together, URLSearchParams API and can help us extract search parameters from a url.

  • We can get key/value pairs of the query parameters by passing the url to the URLSearchParams API like this: new URLSearchParams("url").

How do you go about extracting URL search parameters? Kindly share in the comments below

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