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What is an Offshore Development Center?

An offshore development center provides development teams with the necessary office space and staff, including Admin and support personnel needed to bring the development process to its ending. The project director is normally allocated to the developing center.

An offshore software development center could help you in saving up to 60% of the cost of accomplishing your software development costs, mostly in the area of infrastructure. It's a safe location that is specifically designed for software development project execution.

How to Setup Your Own ODC Center?

1. Choose a location

There are a variety of outsourcing destinations within Eastern Europe and Asia that draw IT companies due to economic motives. However, aside from the cost savings for labor and operations business owners should know the technical skills and cultural specificities of the countries. This is essential for managing remote teams and effective communication in order to prevent cultural gaps or issues with work ethics.

2. Find a reliable partner

Each new phase of building an offshore development center requires an extensive amount of investigation. It is essential to assess risks and develop an offshore development strategy that benefits everyone. In this scenario, you'll require expert guidance from local companies to help you structure your company and ensure that it is compliant with local laws. It's the reason a reliable partner can be crucial to assist you in navigating the local market.

3. Start Recruitment

If you decide to join forces with an organization, you begin the process of recruiting. In this stage, the researchers will begin analyzing the current market conditions and then select the most suitable applicants.

4. Find an office

Although recruiters are looking for, your business's talent begins looking for a space in which the future team will be. Select your location and parking lot and security systems as well as office space planning, seats, and equipment. Professional real estate agents will recommend a number of picturesque places based on your requirements.

5. Get legal support

When you sign a lease contract it is necessary to speak with lawyers. They'll make sure that you are getting the most favorable conditions of the contract. However, this process requires a thorough knowledge of the law in your country and a plethora of negotiation capabilities.

6. Make purchases

In order to equip your new office, you will require furniture and a proper IT infrastructure. This includes computers as well as software, security system servers, internal email service - everything needed to ensure the success of setting up an offshore development center.

7. Select key workers

This is the time where you're ready to issue an offer for employment. The first employees start their work then the offshore development center is officially open! This also involves new employees who are often followed by on-site meetings in the main office.

8. Payroll for HR in a timely manner

Payroll and accounting are crucial components of operational management, which help aid in the operation of your offshore development center. Be aware that you require someone accountable for salary payments as well as the transfer of funds across the ODC and the headquarters in addition to medical insurance and leave.

Final Thoughts

Establishing ODCs offshore development centers could appear like a difficult job. However, it is possible to avoid every hazard when working in dealing with the ODC group by adhering to these guidelines. We believe that frequent communication and a clear working process are crucial to the successful and efficient management of offshore teams. Are you looking to set up an offshore development center? Contact TechAvidus to find a reliable technical partner who can help to build a solid product on time and on budget.

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