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Dumb Down Demistifying Dev
Dumb Down Demistifying Dev

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Data Structure & Algorithms

The why

I'm currently studying and practising Data Structure and Algorithms on my own and when time permits, I'll also be studying some Object Oriented Programming knowledge alongside Systems Design and Architecturing.

As you can already tell, all of the topics above are all very theoretical and abstract and very very dry. But I have a love-hate relationship with them. Every time I go to work and see people quarrelling about different software opinions and whenever I come across any I would think to myself,

"So what exactly is the better practice?"
"Is it true that on some occasions it is good and some not?"
"How do we identify when and what to use then?"

The Realisation

After half a decade of pondering and observing others and thinking I’ve realised that many of these topics are mainly just concepts. Concepts that once you’ve honed it implementation become not only easier to write but also easier to explain or to convey as a reference to others.

The Motivation

FIghts become redundant when explained with information and knowledge backed from decades of research and implementation from past masters of the given field.

Opinions can be respectfully challenged with concrete proof of concepts and theory and research backed evidence.

The How

My Personal Learning

I would be documenting what I am currently learning and practising in Data Structure and Algorithms using JavaScript as my main proficient language and whenever possible I would hopefully be implementing the same in another language as a form of knowledge transfer by making references back and forth with JavaScript.

I would also share knowledge I’ve gained from learning Microservice Architecture designs from NestJS.

To give a little bit more info, NestJS in Node.js is like the Spring Boot of Java world or the .NET of the C# world.

You can visit their website to find out more.

My Personal Sharing

Would be starting this series with Sorting Algorithms first since they are mostly needed in coding interviews and also a great place to practise on many of the coding concepts.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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