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What we have just improved for smaller teams and test users

I co-create Offen. A fair web analytics tool.
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We develop a fair alternative to common web analytics tools. Operators gain insights while their users have full access to their data. All self hosted, open source and free.

Our app is called Offen and in the works since the end of 2019. We have made the following improvements for smaller teams and test users with milestone 4.

Meeting the needs of teams
We have taken the time to bring our account management to a new level. Our updates aim to satisfy setups like smaller dev shops or agencies. Offen now features read-only users, fine-grained controls for sharing access, and other management options.

Testing, 1, 2, 3
We have done research to prepare for the upcoming integration test coverage of all our user-facing features. We ended up choosing and implementing a setup using Cypress. A popular MIT-licensed tool that can run tests in multiple browsers like Chromium and Firefox.

UX improvements
There are some UX improvements and corrections regarding the operator facing Auditorium. They mostly originate from experiences with the operation of our own Offen instance. Among other things, we upgraded the referrer statistics, improved the mobile UX for tabular data and fixed problems with the user flow for resetting password.

Try demo
We want to give you an idea of what Offen feels like without you having to do a proper installation. In order to protect the usage data of our real world users, sharing the credentials for a demo account is not an option

Therefore, we have created a downloadable demo of Offen that you can run on your local machine. This demo has been around for a while, but we have significantly improved the features.

It is now automatically filled with randomly generated usage data at startup, so you don't have to do it yourself. We have also added a special landing page to help you better understand the workflow of Offen from both a operator and user perspective.

Try using the demo yourself by running the following snippet. Head to our websites demo section for further details.

curl | bash

Up next
Episode Five - Resilience and Documentation includes an accessibility and security audit and will prepare Offen for your contributions. Stay tuned.

Read our detailed milestone 4 report on our website.

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