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Got time? Test Offen today.

I co-create Offen. A fair web analytics tool.
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Your feedback is helping us take a step forward on our way to develop a self hosted, fair and ethical alternative to established web analytics tools.

We’re excited to present our first alpha version that is officially ready for testing. After we released our initial alpha in January this year, we've been busy working on a successor version for the last weeks. Based on the initial feedback, we have made major adjustments in the front and backend area.

Although we have dug very deep, things may still contain issues. Therefore, we recommend using Offen in a production environment only for the brave. Also be aware that the upgrade path may be broken with upcoming releases. Offen is free and always will be.

Offen v0.1.0-alpha

Single binary file for Linux, Windows or MacOS

Your own Offen instance
Deploy to Heroku

Download or deploy Offen today and give it a spin. Check our Docs for detailed instructions.

We appreciate any feedback. No matter if you have difficulties with the installation, find our UI hard to understand or catch anything unexpected.

Please put your feedback in the comments, use Twitter @hioffen or head to to get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy testing!

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gauravgaur1981 profile image
Gaurav Gaur has very clean layout. I am liking it.

hendr_ik profile image
Hendrik Author • Edited

A lot of updates over here. For one thing now it is much easier to test Offen. Give it a try!

Any feedback welcome.

hendr_ik profile image
Hendrik Author

Thanks Gaurav - Did you had the chance to test drive the app?