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Twilio Hackathon-BorrowMyProducts

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What we built

BorrowMyProducts application helps people to rent/lend the products around them in this COVID-19 crucial time.

Category Submission

  • COVID-19 Communications

Link to code

GitHub Link

How it works

  • Simple UI to show the products available near a user’s location.
  • Provision to add the products that someone is willing to lend.
  • Provision to notify the product owner when someone requests to borrow their product.
  • Provision to notify the borrower when the owner accepts his product request.


  • SMS notification through Twilio SMS api.
  • Inventory management to keep track of user rentals.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: Html , CSS , JavaScript , BootStrap, Thymeleaf
  • Backend: Spring Boot , JPA ,Database(H2)
  • Notifications: Twilio SMS API
  • Location : Google Maps API

Future Enhancement

  • Feature to set range(distance) to look for products.
  • In-app chat feature.
  • User rating feature.

UI Screenshots

Login Page

Alt Text

Signup Page

Alt Text

Home Page

Alt Text

Products Page

Alt Text

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