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Updates from the 95th TC39 meeting

There were several items on the agenda, this post focuses on feature proposals and their progress from the 95th TC39 meeting.

Stage 3:

  • Async Explicit Resource Management: Address a common pattern in software development regarding the lifetime and management of various resources (memory, I/O, etc.).

  • import attribute: Import Assertions re-adanced to Stage-3. Proposal for syntax to import ES modules with options, e.g. for JSON modules.

Stage 2:

  • Async Context: proposal is to provide a mechanism to ergonomically track async contexts in JavaScript.

  • Float16Array: Float16 on TypedArrays, DataView, Math.f16round.

  • Iterator.range: A proposal for ECMAScript to add a built-in Iterator.range()

Stage 1:


Elections for the 2023 TC39 Chair Group are complete 🎉

The Chairs this year are...

🔸 @SoftwareChrisGo Chris de Almeida (IBM)
🔸 @robpalmer2 Rob Palmer (Bloomberg)
🔸 @ryzokuken Ujjwal Sharma (Igalia)

— TC39 (@TC39) March 22, 2023

Top comments (2)

johnmunsch profile image
John Munsch

There's good stuff coming but you have to know that all anyone really wants is decorators. :)

TypeScript has added the new version of decorators in v5 and I can hardly wait until they are part of the real language in our browsers.

ifrim profile image
Vlad Ifrim

I respectfully disagree. All anyone really wants is Records and Tuples.