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Updates from 80th TC39 meeting

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There were few other items on the agenda, this post focuses only on the proposal updates from the the meeting.

Stage 4:

Stage 3:

Stage 2:

  • Module Blocks: Module blocks are syntax for the contents of a module, which can then be imported.

  • Intl.DisplayNames: enable developers to get translation of language, region or script display names on the client, part of ECMA-402.

  • Intl.DisplayNames V2: A proposal to expose Locale information, such as week data (first day in a week, weekend start day, weekend end day, minimum day in the first week), hour cycle used in the locale, measurement system used in the locale, part of ECMA-402.

Stage 1:

  • async do: async do expressions allow you to introduce an asynchronous context within synchronous code without needing an immediately-invoked async function expression.

  • Class brand check: class.hasInstance a meta method to check whether o have the class brand of C.

  • Extend TimeZoneName Option: Extend the timeZoneName option in Intl.DateTimeFormat object to support more formatted options, part of EMCA 402.

  • eraDisplay: eraDisplay option for Intl.DateTimeFormat eraDisplay option may take 3 values: "never", always", "auto".

  • regex-set-notation: Adopting Unicode behavior for set notation in regular expressions.

  • Escaping Strings for RegExps: escaping a string for use inside a Regular Expression.

  • Array find from last: findLast() and findLastIndex() methods on Array.prototype.

  • lazy-import: defer module import eval.

  • Intl LocaleMatcher: Improve locale negotiation correctness and developer productivity part of ECMA-402.


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Massimo Artizzu

Oooh, I didn't know about async do, but I'd like to see do expressions move forward...

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Romko • Edited

for the lazy imports I'd suggest using construction like:
defer import { something } from 'module';
as we already have defer attribute in HTML, so it would be easier to memorise.