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loading... with Allen Wirfs-Brock!

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In this episode of we have Allen Wirfs-Brock!

Dreaming the future of software; Project Editor ECMAScript 2015; Reformed Smalltalker; JavaScript historian!

Listen to Episode 7 with Allen Wirfs-Brock 🎧

We shall be talking about:

  • What brought him to tech?
  • How was tech when Allen started programming in the mid 1960s!
  • His journey in the TC39 committee.
  • What happened there with ES4?
  • JavaScript historian, what future holds for us?
  • ECMA Fellow and ACM Distinguished Engineer?
  • What's your fav proposal and why?

P.S: Don't forget to read JavaScript: the first 20 years a paper by Allen Wirfs-Brock and Brendan Eich!

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