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Open cohort base learning App for online learners

hemanshum profile image Hemanshu ・1 min read

I learned to program from online courses, but I always feel that I could become a developer earlier than this. Because many times I postponed or skip the course until it's absolutely necessary for me to learn it. I tried to be disciplined, set a learning routine, use productivity apps, and whatnot. I tried to find some app to help me with this, I try finding the reasons and came across an article, which described that the average compilation rate of online courses is only 15%.

So I tried to come up with an idea to solve this and created an app called PeerUp. In this App, learners will able to create a small group of peers, set learning commitment, and track the learning progress, so whenever somebody in the group makes progress it will notify everyone in the group, I hope this way peers will able to motivate each other and eventually they will able to complete the course.

If you like to try it, please download the App or check the website, the waiting list is open now.

I really appreciate it, if you can give me your feedback and suggestions.

Thank You

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