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What does the word native mean in software development

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I have encountered a new word recently in my software career, and as a final year student. I was wondering what does the word "Native" mean, in world of tech. A lot of developers mention it nowadays and I just can't seem to get my head around it.

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Fraser McTaggart

A native app is an application developed specifically for that platform, for example an app installed from the Play Store, or an app from App store.

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Chakib Baiker • Edited

Not necessarily. An android app could be developed using react native, and despite what its name suggests, it's not a native app. (It's usually called hybrid because it shares the same code for multiple platforms).
A native android app is built using the stack and tools offered by google (java, android sdk). It runs natively on android without the need for virtualization or interpretation of some sorts.
Same for iOS apps, the native ones are developed using swift which is built and maintained by apple.

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Fraser McTaggart • Edited

That's why I said specifically for that platform. :)
But your examples are much clearer, thanks for clarifying.

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