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User Registration Settings: Need Email Verification

🔒 Secure your User Registration Process with Email Verification🔒

When it comes to user registrations, email verification plays a crucial role in preventing fake or unauthorized accounts. By verifying email addresses, you can validate the authenticity of user registrations and maintain a trusted user base.

✅** Step-by-Step Guide to Implement Email Verification:**

1️⃣ Set Up Email Verification Page:
Learn how to create an email verification page where users will be redirected to verify their email addresses. We'll show you how to add a placeholder, %email_verification_url%, for the verification link in the user registration email.

2️⃣** Configure Email Templates:**
Discover how to customize and format the user registration email template to include the verification link. We'll walk you through adding the %email_verification_url% placeholder, ensuring each email contains a unique verification link.

3️⃣ Notify Users of Email Verification:
Understand how to trigger email verification notifications to users after a successful registration. We'll explore methods to generate and send these notifications, allowing users to take the necessary steps to verify their email addresses.

4️⃣ Validate User Registrations:
Learn how to handle user registrations and account activation by validating the email verification status. We'll guide you through the steps required to ensure only verified users can access your platform's features.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of setting up email verification for user registrations, empowering you to maintain a secure and authentic user community.

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