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How I get 100% out of Remote/WFH

Neha Sharma
UI Engineer ,I love Web,JavaScript, Design System, A11Y, HTML5, CSS3 ,React; Community Advocate and enjoy giving talks and codelabs at the Meetups and conference. I am self-taught calligrapher too.
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From the last 1 year, weekly I do 2-3 days WFH. In the past, I have done WFH but my experience was very bad because folks assume WFH is "Work for Home" ;). I learned a lot from these bad experience and now I know how to get 100% out of my WFH/Remote and make sure that folks acknowledge that I am "Working from home" not "Work for home".

  • Invest in good internet. Make sure your internet is good enough to do video calls. I also have 2 internet connections and so many times it saved me. When one is down I switch to others.

  • Invest in a good table and chair. Trust me you 'll find yourself more productive once you start working from the table & chair setup rather than working from a sofa or bed. Apart from productivity, it will be also good for your body posture too.

  • If possible buy a good monitor. I have a monitor and keyboard. Most of the time I work on that only. Good for eyes, neck, and postures too.

  • Use your calendar efficiently. I prefer to plan my week and day ahead. Either it is 15 min catchup or lunchtime. I block my calendar. This not just helps me to plan my day but also heads-up to my team too when I am available and when I am not.

  • Calls are better than chat. Do not hesitate to call your team members.

  • Make use of scrum. Scrum is the place where you should be vocal about your achievements, blocker, leaving early or calling out dependency. Make use of scrum.

  • Make a schedule. You will start work from 10:00 AM and logout by 6:00 PM. Do not login to your official communicator before or after that.

WFH/Remote is all about keeping communication with your teammates. The most important thing is to communicate when you are NOT and when you are available.

Happy WFH/Remote Working!!

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Vaibhav Khulbe

Great tips. Thanks!

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