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Accounting Firms, Disruption, and the Competitive Advantage

In the 90’s, the Internet exploded with the introduction of the web browsers, Apple was a struggling company, Google didn’t have a website while Yahoo was the king of search, and AOL inundated mail slots with CDs to keep its stranglehold on email. In the 2000’s, BlackBerry was king of the smartphone, only to be replaced shortly after Apple’s release of the iPhone and its accompanying App Store. With each decade, we’re encountering unimaginable change; we’ve gone from the desktop web era to the mobile dependency era, and now, the wearables era. While massive changes have been occurring within the Big Four accounting firms, the impact of these changes have, to date, been mitigated for the balance of the accounting profession. The next decade, however, will transform the professional accounting landscape in what many will consider to be unimaginable ways. In twenty years, the accounting profession will be nothing like it does today and along the way, there will be an unprecedented amount of turnover in firms that adapted too little or too late. In short, the profession will be under immense pressure to deliver value for its clients in a manner that adapts to sweeping technological changes. Read more:

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