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Using Serial Port Test Software for RS232 Device Activity Analysis

Test and analyze COM port data

You will need to monitor and analyze serial port activity occasionally if you want to work with serial ports. Monitoring the data sent and received by RS232/422/485 ports--especially when one is setting up equipment—is a good way to spot troubles easily should they arise.

Currently, there is no serial port testing tool on Windows OS to analyze data sent and received by COM ports. However, you can use a program that will allow you to monitor and analyze COM port activity.

There is a less stressful way to track problems that could arise during an application or driver development process (or while you are testing, debugging and optimizing your application). Eltima Software has created Serial Port Tester that provides a way to analyze, monitor, display and log data produced by RS232/422/485 COM ports.

The RS232 testing software is a simple serial port testing tool that allows you to:

  • Instantly connect with and monitor serial ports already being used by an application. Our COM port testing software provides real-time reporting that maximizes all opportunities to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

  • Simultaneously view data in multiple modes (i.e., table, line, terminal or dump view). Various options are available to display recorded data. For instance, you can select various filters to restrict what data you would like to see.

  • Simultaneously monitor multiple COM ports during the same rs232 tester software analysis. Analyzing data is easier to do this way when using a com port test program because the data compiled from simultaneous COM port monitoring is displayed in one log (first-in, first-out approach).

  • Emulate the transference of serial port data to a serial device when viewing data in terminal mode. Data is sent on behalf of a monitored application via decimal, binary, hexadecimal, string or mixed format to allow you to monitor the activity of a serial device when certain commands are used.

RS232 Tester

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