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re: Hey Helen, if you have the information of the size, the cost and the speed of the migration from x to Aurora vis DMS for your use cases I know that...

Hey Andrew

That is an excellent question. From my understanding, the DMS services are free if you are moving to Aurora so the only costs are the CloudWatch logging that went along with it -

I'll check back and let you know if that's not the case


Just a quick check for transfer:

All data transfer into AWS Database Migration Service is free, and data transferred between AWS Database Migration Service and databases in Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 Instances in the same Availability Zone also is free. Standard AWS data transfer rates apply when you migrate your source database to a target database in a different Availability Zone, Region, or outside of AWS. Standard AWS data transfer rates are listed on the EC2 instance pricing page.

The cost comes down to the server used and duration it ran, so knowing what size and how long would be of help

Awesome, I'll do some digging and check it out

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