AWS Series: From A to Z

Helen Anderson on December 10, 2018

I'm studying for the AWS Associate Certifications exam and there are a LOT of services to get to grips with. Inspired by AWS in Plain English, I'v... [Read Full]
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Good write up. :)

This year I did the SAA and DA exams and yes it was crazy.

Many AWS services have strange names that don't imply what they are doing and an even bigger amount of services is totally unknown.

Luckily, the certification exams only focus on the core stuff.

Btw. I used as basically my only learning resource and got stuff done pretty good. A friend of mine only did the courses there for two weeks and got both certs.

DA and SAA have about 60% overlap, so it's a good idea to do them together.


Good to know there is such a crossover, it wasn't super clear from the A Cloud Guru videos if that was still the case.

I'm tossing up whether to get the SAA and DA or move straight on to the Big Data Specialisation after the SAA. Have you found doing the certs useful in your role?


I'm a freelancer and some customers asked me if I could do AWS projects for them after they saw the certs on my homepage.

But I didn't start any AWS projects this year.

New Years resolution to build all the things? :D

Haha, probably not all the things, but a few.

Designed a shirt and wrote a book this year, so at least I did something productive.

Thought about building social2email service based on serverless tech next year.

Serverless is the future, that was the recurring theme from the Reinvent recordings :D

Yes, also I'm a front-end dev and too dumb for containers anyway 😵

That's why you have people around you can do those things. On the flipside front-end dev makes my head spin. :D


You got this helen, SA - Assoc. is a tough one, but very doable. If you have any questions feel free to DM me. I passed mine earlier this year.


Great compilation, Helen! I really enjoy your posts, they are motivating me to write more about my learnings with AWS- I've been falling behind on the writing habit. Keep 'em coming. And many thanks for the mention!

I just passed the Solutions Architect - Associate certification this past November BTW. Feel free to DM me for anything!


I'd love to read more of your posts! The IAM and S3 writing you've done already cut the concepts down to just the essentials and were really useful.


Nice Article. Very helpful for my cert preparation.

In the Group section you mentioned "Users by default have no access until you assign them a role" does it need to be modified as "Users by default have no access until you attach them a policy"

correct me if I am wrong.



Great article Helen. I've always been an Azure person, but have recently started to move things towards AWS and am planning on taking the certifications at some point in the near future.

Only 13 more of your articles to go now! :-)


Great article! So, I found this infographics about the all services AWS:


Thanks for writing this.
My SAA exam is on 1st of June and this is extremely helpful!


That's so nice to hear, you're welcome.

All the best with the exam! Let me know how you go :)


What a fantastic article. I am planning to obtain an AWS certification in the near future and I will need this.

At the rate it is feasible, can you please keep it up-to-date?


Helen thank u for this informative article.
I wanna ask you how to migrate free account to paid for some limited resources problem.


Love how you found a post for every topic :-)


I’m determined to pass the exam, and it’s going to ‘take a village’ to get there :D


Not a fan of AWS but definitely useful to know all the services. A lot of people use them.

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