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I made it onto the School of Code Bootcamp!

Helen Kent on December 29, 2019

Who I am Hello! I’m Helen. I’m 35 and I’ve been an upper key stage 2 primary school teacher for 10 years. I come from Sutton Coldfield but moved t... [Read Full]
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First and foremost, Congratulations on making it into The School of Code!

I have dabbled with coding since 1994. By 1998, I had 6 websites I created and maintained. At the time I really, wanted to get into IT but, you either went to college and paid alot(usually for outdated info)or try for a Microsoft Certification(depending on what certification(s) you went for, it may have been pricey as well).

There were no coding bootcamps or websites that help you learn coding. So, out of disgust and frustration I stopped coding websites and pursuing a career in IT.

Fast forward to 2019. I had a friend who sent me a link about a company in my area who were testing people to become apart of an IT company. Long story short, I didn't make it in but got referred to an app for coding. While in there, I found a jem of a website. It's called . I have been learning coding ever since and yes for free. It has a full fledged Full Stack Developer curriculum, with certification. Worth checking out, I'm glad I did.


Thanks v much! I've heard a lot of good things about freecodecamp. I'm making my way through codecademy at the moment but i'd like to take a look at that.


Helen, that's great! Congratulations. Keep going. I left teaching many years ago for technology. It took me a while to make the decision because I did enjoy teaching, helping others and working with youth, but I'm glad I did because I realized I do really love tech and software engineering. I do miss teaching but as you mentioned academia is not only about teaching. It comes with so many other convergent issues.


You're so right. Theres too much bad taking over. Looking forward to a change!


Congrats Helen! Your story of seeing dad bring home that giant PC and being enthralled about the new limitless capabilities sounds a lot like my own life! I played with computers as a child but also never found my way into coding back then. Then, when Android came about, I found myself immersed in a new world and played about learning to code.
By then I was in college and not even thinking this could be a career choice. Sadly my hobby added as life moved on. Over the past few years a friend of mine, then another, then another, went through coding boot camps. It was time for me to quit my job and start over. Scarry as it is, I am so proud to be in a boot camp right now, even if I never make as much money as I did before I know I will be doing something I have a passion for and that alone will be worth this life change!
Best of luck to you out there!


Thank you! It’s always good to hear about similar experiences! Good luck with your bootcamp 😁


Good luck, I'm rooting for you. I just got into a coding bootcamp in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I definitely am excited to to read updates about your progress.


Hi everyone, I wanted to do a quick update on my first week in BootCamp. I'm going to a bootcamp in Milwaukee. Before I touch on the curriculum, I'd never been to Wisconsin and this place is miserably cold. Okay, so this bootcamp revolves around C# and .Net. The first day we immediately jumped into variables, loops, and if/else statements ect. all before the end of day one. Later that week got into things like inheritance and encapsulation. On Thursday of last week we had two projects one where we had to create two console applications one that allowed us to create a team of dinosaurs and robots to make them fight and also a pay calculator. I have a CS degree and I also have JS experience but this we fairly tough for the first week especially for newbies, we had 6 people drop out. Tomorrow morning I will be turning in project #3 which is a Rock Paper Scissors application that can be controlled by either the computer or a user. Tomorrow afternoon we will get assignment #4. So far so good, it's an extremely fast pace course as you can tell but I'm happy with it. Good luck to everyone taking the leap this year.


Ooh brilliant, congratulations! Will follow your progress too.


Congratulations!! Sounds like it will be a really exciting experience.


Thank you! I think you're right - i'm looking forward to it! x


Congratulations Helen. I’m so happy for you! Good luck in bootcamp. 😊

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