A Steady revenue stream from open source projects?

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We all know that open-source developers put there blood sweat and tears into their projects, most of the time with no compensation at all.
Those who try to use donations as a way to get compensated usually find out that it's not really working.
Companies and organizations use those projects for commercial use and make a profit while the owner gets nothing, except demands to keep maintaining his code and fix bugs and so on...

A new startup called xs:code (disclaimer - I work there) is trying to solve this problem by giving developers the tools to start monetizing their code while keeping it open source.
The platform is launched today for beta and I'm inviting you guys to take a look and share with me your thoughts and feedback.

you can check out our platform here:


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Is a project still open source if all the best features are behind a paywall?πŸ€”


When you are using a dual license monetization model all the code is still open source


I love the dual license and services and more models!

The open core model makes me uncomfortable... πŸ˜•

I agree with you, but we give to the developer the ability to choose the best monetization model that fits his project and his needs.

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