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Hector de Isidro
Hector de Isidro

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Moving from GitHub to Bitbucket

W̶h̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ how

Disclaimer: This post is not related in any way to Microsoft’s recent acquisition of GitHub (I don’t really have a very strong opinion about it; although I hope that won’t affect us at all).

Next month, my GitHub annual subscription will end and I don’t want to renew it in order to reduce the high number of online services I currently pay for.
tl;dr: I’ll continue to use GitHub but not for private repositories.

There are many alternatives out there, but I’ve decided to migrate my private repositories to Bitbucket¹ (mainly because I’m used to using it at work²). The biggest obstacle is that they don’t provide any tool to import all the repos at once (we have to do the chore one by one…) so I’ve created a script³ to fill that gap. You’re welcome, Bitbucket :wink:

Moving checklist

As you can see, we won’t expose any of our account passwords, so we can delete those temporary credentials afterwards.

Moving day

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[1] Even though some people think it’s the ugliest one :wink:
[2] Also, I tried Gitlab long time ago and IMO their website was running slow and sluggish. Perhaps they have solved this by now, IDK :shrug:
[3] It has been tested under Linux/MacOS. What about Windows users? Well, can you tell me why you’re still using Windows? :trollface:

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rhymes profile image
rhymes • Edited on

Why do you need a script to move?

Isn't it just easier to add bitbucket's repository as a remote and push there?

You can also use Bitbucket's import functionality:


hector6872 profile image
Hector de Isidro Author

I had more than 65 repos on GitHub so doing that manually it was not an option :)

rhymes profile image

OMG that's a lot! ahhahaha :-D

qm3ster profile image
Mihail Malo

GitLab's import is oh-so-sweet.
It takes wikis, comments, and everything, not just the git.

hector6872 profile image
Hector de Isidro Author

Totally agree.

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