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Introducing HeadSpin Local

In the past few years, and even in just the past few months, we’ve witnessed rapid digital transformation across all industries, as changing consumer expectations present new opportunities for experience innovation. With this comes the need of product teams for a seamless, local approach to application testing and development, as they find themselves facing faster time-to-market pressure and their users increasingly distributed across the globe.

Conventional tools tend to fall short of delivering the velocity and scale, as well as the global reach, required for success in today’s experience economy. That is why we’re proud to introduce HeadSpin Local, a new platform that allows you to test your mobile experiences around the world from an easy-to-use platform powered by HeadSpin’s 24/7 technology.

With HeadSpin Local, you can perform manual testing on real iOS and Android devices running on real carrier networks in 9 locations worldwide — all from the comfort of your home or local office. HeadSpin Local provides a remote control workbench with full support for gestures and orientation that allows you to upload and debug your apps, games, and other mobile experiences on our pool of real mobile devices without modifications to your app. Plus, you can collaborate with ease by saving and sharing screenshots and device logs with your teams.

HeadSpin Local was designed to make testing easy and accessible to anyone and offers the following features:

Manual Mobile Testing

Identify bugs and issues faster with live, interactive testing.

Real Global Devices

Get 24/7 access to real iOS and Android devices where your users are: Palo Alto, New York, Miami, London, Johannesburg, Jakarta, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Tokyo.

Remote Control Local Host Dashboard

Remote Workbench

Run and control your tests from our easy-to-use remote control workbench.

Local Remote Tools


HeadSpin Local Screenshot 3

Device logs

HeadSpin Local logs

Try it for yourself

HeadSpin Local is now available. Whether you’re launching a new app, want to test a new feature, or need to do a spot check, HeadSpin Local has you covered. Seamlessly test around the globe on real devices and real networks by running your first HeadSpin Local test today! Both annual and monthly subscriptions are available, and for a limited time only, you can get 25% off an annual subscription.

What’s next

HeadSpin remains committed to providing QA/release engineers, developers, product managers, SREs, and support professionals with the tools to collaborate seamlessly to accelerate development cycles, optimize digital performance, and automatically surface insights all of which are especially crucial in today’s digital landscape.

Soon, teams will have access to the above features plus more, as our team works to bring HeadSpin’s core automated testing and performance analysis capabilities to users across the globe. Get updates here.

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