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πŸ”₯ Enhance Your Kubernetes Tools with KFtray 0.8.0's Latest Features

Hey everyone!

Kftray is a small, open-source app designed to simplify managing multiple kubectl port forwards, especially for local development. This app is a menu bar GUI and is built using the Tauri framework - Rust for the backend and TypeScript for the frontend and can be found more information at

Just a quick update: KFtray has just been upgraded to version 0.8.0 πŸš€. This release is packed with features that will refine your development workflow and enhance your productivity when working with Kubernetes and multiples kubectl port forward.


⚑️ What's New in KFtray 8.0.0

The team has been hard at work and we've rolled out some exciting updates:

  • Git Time Polling Synchronization: Your projects will remain up-to-date effortlessly! The new polling feature allows you to adjust how frequently KFtray checks your repositories for changes, ensuring your kftray environment aligns with the latest commits in the git.

  • Enhanced Git Synchronization Slider: Fine-tune your Git sync frequency with the integration of a convenient slider. You're now in full control of the polling rate, perfect for conserving system resources or getting real-time updates depending on your needs.

  • Sync History Timestamps: With our improved tooltips, you'll have a clear and precise log of your synchronization timeline. Monitor when the last sync took place and plan for the next one with ease.

  • Custom Local Address Configuration: Say goodbye to the restrictions of localhost. Customize your development environment by setting up a local IP address that fits your project structure or network configuration.
  • Quick-access URL Icon: Navigate to your forwarded local URL in an instant. Our new icon in KFtray provides immediate access to your application in your default browser with just a click.

πŸš€ Ongoing Enhancements

Rest assured, we're not stopping here. Our commitment to refining git-based state management is ongoing, and we can't wait to share more enhancements with you in the near future.

πŸ” Get Your Hands on the Latest Release

Curious to see the updates in action? We invite you to check out the latest release at: KFtray 0.8.0 Release.

We value your feedback and are excited to see how these new features help you in your Kubernetes development journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy coding!


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