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Discussion on: React vs Vue vs Angular vs Svelte

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Henry Boisdequin Author
  • You need to learn Typescript
  • Smart/Dumb Components
  • One-way Dataflow and Immutability
  • And much more

It's much more complex and harder to understand than the other frameworks on this list.

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learn typescript? You mean to start writing it... it's easy and intuitive, I'm writing Angular, React, and Node code only in typescript.
Smart/Dumb Components? I really don't understand what is this referred to?
Angular has two-way data biding, and even easier data passing to the child and back to the parent.
And of course, it has more features, its framework, React is more like a library compared to Angular.

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I fully agree. Comparing framework e.g angular against library e.g react, is like comparing a smart tv against a traditional tv. Of course smart tv is more challenging to learn it's usage, not because it's lousy, but it has more features beyond watching tv.