Discussion: Amazon S3 Storage Access

hazhayder profile image hazhayder ・1 min read

Hello, I have just started taking a look at Amazon S3 storage. I have a few case scenarios in my mind and how would you achieve them based on the pros and cons of the approach.

Case 1:
I am uploading the image to S3 and all those images are public no restrictions access:
Solution: Set the access level of the bucket public.

Case 2:
The uploaded data is only meant to be shown to specific users in my web app.
Solution: I would simply create a controller upon checking whether the user trying to access the file has required permissions or not. If yes, I would simply call the AWS API will retrieve the object on the server and then stream it to the client.

Case 3:
User is required to access the file but for one time only.
Solution: Don't know.

I am seeking more solution for Case 2 and Case 3


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