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Dive head-first into $770+ of programming eBooks

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Humble Book Bundle: Head First Programming by O’Reilly

Dive head-first into learning to program! Learn to master the mechanics of programming in Java, Python, Go, C, and more with our newest bundle, courtesy of O’Reilly! Get ebooks like Head First Python, 2nd Edition, Head First C, Head First C#, 3rd Edition, and Head First Java, 2nd Edition. Plus, your purchase will support Code for America!

Pay CA$1.25 or more. Normally, the total cost for the eBooks in this bundle is as much as US$772. You choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum CA$1.25 purchase.

Read them anywhere. The eBooks in this bundle are available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices!

Support charity. Choose where the money goes — between the publisher and Code for America via PayPal Giving Fund.

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