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Non-Technical Skills Every Developer Needs 🖥💡

Every developer felt lost when they started learning to code in the beginning, but coding is a skill and skills have to be practiced.
So many people think that technical skills are the most important factor needed to be a successful developer and skip over the non-technological ones that are equally valuable. Truth is, they are only one aspect of it. Indeed, there are several non-technical abilities that we should place importance on them.

Here are some of the essential non-technical skills for every developer to start working on :

1. Passion for coding

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
-Oprah Winfrey

When people love what they do, they will definitely bring out the best in them to produce better quality work. If a developer is really committed to their job and enjoys spending time programming even outside work, there will be no power that could stop them from being the most successful ones in their fields. However, lack of passion doesn't make you a bad developer, but it'll always keep you going, motivated, and making smart decisions despite all the problems that you may face during your career.

2. There's nothing called dummy questions

I had this thing once I started learning to code. I remember my first day as a web developer intern. I was so proud and a bit nervous. The only question that kept coming to my mind that day was:" am I ready? do I have the required skills? " because I've always had imposter syndrome. I didn't want anyone to uncover that my knowledge and skills weren't high.
So each time I faced a problem and something that blocked me, I kept trying to solve it without asking for help. I was afraid of people's reactions who were more experienced than me.
It was only in my head!! 😶
No single person can know everything. Also, your questions aren't stupid; they show that you're interested and always open to new ideas. There is nothing wrong with that! It's part of working in your team - to share ideas and help each other.
Seeking knowledge is a good thing. It will help you grow and become a better developer.

3. Patience and Persistence

The road to becoming a great developer has a lot of obstacles, challenges, and even failures. While coding you may spend a lot of time debugging or learning new things that you could apply to your current project.
Thus, it might cause more pressure and stress on you, mostly when the deadline is approaching.
So, you must remain patient and persistent because the price of success is high but really worth it.

4. Time Control

Time management is one of the most critical things and doing it the right way will help you improve in your career. As a developer, it will allow you to perfectly set priorities, allocate time for rest, family, and other activities. For example, you could set long and short time goals to make your life better; you may also collect all your tasks in a to-do list to estimate every task and set deadlines for yourself; hence you can avoid doing them at the last minute, etc...
So, help yourself to achieve your dreams, plan and manage your time, be successful and healthy. 😊

5. Strong Work Ethic

Work ethic refers to the set of values and beliefs based on the ideals of integrity and hard work. This quality makes all the soft skills possible. It includes Teamwork, Discipline, Responsibility, Adaptability, Professionalism, etc. It will make you more productive, give you better opportunities, and help you to excel in your job.


Being a developer is such an amazing thing, there is always new stuff to learn. Those who give importance to soft skills as well as technical competencies enhance opportunities to be effective in their role. ❤️👨‍💻

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Being able to writing is a important skill. Especeally your a remote worker or to understand questions on your solution.

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Hazar nenni

yeah absolutely :))