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10 Coding Challenge Websites For Developer

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Once we have learned the basics of a certain programming language, the next thing is how we want to apply them in practice to be able to understand and remember for longer. So in today's article, I will introduce the challenge of coding website to developers.


The Practiceism website is home to thousands of exercises that you can practice in over 50 supported programming languages. Its exercises are also varied for beginners or those with a lot of programming experience. It is open source and based on donations from developers around the world so you can rest assured that it won't be charged. In addition, if you feel you are capable, you can also contribute helpful exercises to the community that will improve your programming skills and others.

Link Exercism


The CodeWars website is where you tackle every problem from easy to hard to get higher rankings. In this site, the ranking will be calculated according to the point called the kyu and depending on the level of the problem you solve, the score will be high or low. After finding a method for a problem, you can look at other people's answers to compare how the code is written and how effective it is.

Link CodeWars


CodeChef website is known as a non-profit educational organization founded by Direct, an Indian software company. You can immediately resolve the issue on their website through their online editor support tool. And depending on your level, choose the challenges listed on the website. Also, its highlight is that you can communicate with other developers if you have difficult questions or answer questions from other developers.

Link CodeChef


CodinGame website helps you to actually play games while coding. It makes us approach problems more freely and happily, and increases the enthusiasm for problem solving. CodinGame supports more than 25 languages and here you can learn many algorithms and tips from good programmers in the world. It also goes from easy to difficult level so it suits everyone's learning needs.

Link CodinGame


The HackerRank website is a popular website for people who want to improve their coding skills. It's not just for newbies, but good programmers also enter because it has world-class competitions. In addition, it also gives you the opportunity to find a suitable job through competitions organized by recruitment companies. It mainly focuses on algorithms, AI, databases, math ...

Link HackerRank


The CoderByte website is a web application that allows you to practice and improve your coding skills. It has a lot of problems, arranged from difficult to easy, suitable for all levels of programming. In addition, it also has interview questions from big companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook to help us grasp the techniques needed to apply to these companies. The downside is that if you want to approach advanced challenges or take the course here, it costs around $ 35 a month.

Link CoderByte


The FreeCodeCamp website is probably my favorite. It helps us to self-learn new knowledge and can apply new things to real problem solving. In addition, you can get a free certificate for completing a project in the skills you just learned. The programming languages in the course are tailored for beginners such as learning HTML, then CSS ... In addition, it also has its own forum to help you solve difficult questions in the learning code.

Link FreeCodeCamp


The Edabit website is where we can remember the basics and enhancements of a language by solving programming problems on this website. It will automatically calculate xp points every time you solve a problem. The more points, the higher the level. Isn't it interesting that you and other programmers are competing point by point to top the rankings? It also helps us to increase our interest in coding and thinking and problem solving like a real programmer.

Link Edabit


The TopCoder website is a challenging website with a fairly difficult level of problem solving and is usually for those with a lot of programming experience. A place that connects businesses that are in need of solving certain problems with solutions given by programmers around the world. So if your solution is better than the other developers, you might get a cash prize from the business. In addition, you can also see issues resolved by other developers to apply in your website.

Link TopCoder

Codepen Challenges

Codepen Challenges website is considered as a social network for programmers with pre-written scripts with many different programming languages to help you learn and interact with other programmers. Another interesting point is that each week the website will come up with a topic to solve and you and others will compete against each other to solve the problem quickly and optimally.

Link Codepen Challenges

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perpetual . education

It would be fun to have CSS challenges.

We've given this layout to A LOT of people... and it's surprising how few people can do it: (no React allowed)

layout challenge screen-shot

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haycuoilennao19 Author

Thanks for sharing

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Satyam Kumar Verman

Without codeforces this list is in complete

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You should add code to your list its a nice site for challenges

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