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RClone Mounting CLI-Style!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I created a post here.

I just want to write this up because I have my own businesses and I needed to mount these cloud storages to my file explorer, Thunar.

I use Arch Linux using i3wm.

I can confirm that this works for Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. I also mounted 2 google drives.

First thing first install rclone.

You can use yay or just sudo pacman -S rclone

I would create a Parent Folder, RemoteCloud. I just like to have this to have them all in one place.
Create subfolders such as Dropbox, GDrive1, GDrive2, Box, etc.

Once you got those created, go to your terminal and type

rclone config
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and create new remotes one by one. You will login and confirm that rclone will have access to your cloud storage. This is safe.

In order to mount you will have to run the following command line in your terminal:

rclone mount yourRemoteName: ~/path/to/subfolder
rclone mount GDrive: ~/RemoteCloud/GDrive
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Unfortunately, this is temporary. As soon as you quit your terminal this would disconnect all mounts.

I would go into the config file
my i3wm config file is located in


at the end of the file, I would just add

exec_always --no-startup-id rclone mount yourRemoteName: ~/path/to/subfolder
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This is also a reminder for myself if I ever forget. Because I will forget it if I don't use it often enough.

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