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Have you consider using Vagrant, or Docker for that. I don't like to use my host environment for Web development since it is generally never the same configuration has my target production servers.

I really enjoy vagrant since it is running VMs. You can create networks of VM that represents exactly what your production environment will be. For instance, I used to have a default configuration popping up 3 VMs: one with the backend API server, one with static content with apache and the last with MySQL. It will require you to have a reasonable amount of RAM (at least 16GB to be fair) and at least a 4 cores/8 threads CPU. This was back in the day when Docker was getting traction, I think you can do the same with it with a fraction of the memory footprint.

So you know, the VMs were provisioned by SaltStack, the same used for my production servers. So I really had exactly the same config has a production environment. In the end, we were trying to make a system where we could automated tests when new software version would come out (such as a new MySQL or Apache HTTPd) to make sure updating production server wouldn't crash after an update, but never really get there.


Wow. This does look interesting, i`ll surely play around with it too. This setup is just for beginners aka noobs, to understand the basics. Eventually, once they adapt to this, we can surely take them to the production level. I just feel, this is a better way to understand stuff.

What is your opinion about it, much appreciate it ?


Yes indeed. If someone I know was to come to see me and ask me how to develop Web applications using Linux, this would probably be the article I would refer to.

For the record, I bought in may a System76 Oryx Pro, with Pop_Os! installed. And so far I love it ;)

Now I dont know if that is coincidence or mere luck, but the chain of events in our life sure seem to connect in one way or the other. I wonder

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