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Crio learning experience

hassanghaffar189 profile image hassanghaffar189 ・1 min read

So my journey started with Crio by learning the basics of HTTP. I got learn how http and https are different, how cookies work. To my excitement I got to know how I can create a post using the chrome developer tool. As they basically provide how I can learn new things by craving for more. I got to know how I can repost a file which has the same name.
Getting forward I got to know how REST API works. And how industry call it as REST over HTTP. The things were explained in a detail and in a practical way.
Linux basic started with basic unix commands and how linux can be used for various operations. To open a file from command line, to create a directory and how tree file system works.
We got to make our hands dirty with AWS cloud services where we learned how to deploy an app server.
At last from git basic i got to know how to push or pull files from repository.
In all it was a great learning experience made me feel frustrated at times when my assignment did not work as planned but thats part of coding. The greatest giveaway that i can take from this one week of learning is how Crio used different approach to make students and professional learn what are just videos in different learning courses.


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